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Cheryl Sherpard, RN, MSN Ed, PMH-BC, PHN

Cheryl is a Board-Certified Psychiatric and Mental Health RN, and Mental Wellness & Health Coach with 25 years of combined experience in health care. She strives to provide individualized care with compassion and integrity. She motivates people with anxiety, depression, perinatal or postpartum depression, & and/or chronic pain toward meaningful growth and behavior transformation through evidenced-based mindfulness and mental health effective strategies.

~ Bridging the gap in the mental health system


🌱 Inspiring mental wellness & health promotion with compassion 🫶

✨ Transformational behavior growth


✨ Evidence-based practice (EBP)


✨ Goal setting/coaching


✨ Positive coping skills


✨ Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)


✨ Psychoeducation




✨Motivational interviewing


✨Therapeutic communication


✨Mental Wellness


✨ Health and nutrition promotion and education

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